Solofit Training Mask – Workout Fitness Bane Mask for Running, Cardio, Breathing, Gym, Endurance, MMA, High Altitude & Exercise for Men & Women – Twenty Four Resistance Levels – Low Oxygen Breathing

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(as of Mar 25,2020 18:56:47 UTC – Details)

Product Description

Workout fitness mask for gym.Workout fitness mask for gym.

Training mask with four resistance levels.Training mask with four resistance levels.

High altitude & exercise mask.High altitude & exercise mask.

This bane mask is ideal for running.This bane mask is ideal for running.

Low oxygen breathing mask for men & women.Low oxygen breathing mask for men & women.

Comfortable breathing device for high intensity workout.Comfortable breathing device for high intensity workout.

DECREASE YOUR WORKOUT TIME- Dramatically reduce your workout time with this black training mask. This workout mask provides your lungs with high altitude training that has been shown to boost strength and endurance.
HELPS CONTROL BREATHING- This training mask works by creating pulmonary resistance which allows your lungs to increase their inhaling capacity and deliver more oxygen, thus giving you the ultimate high intensity workout.
24 RESISTANCE LEVELS- This altitude training mask contains 24 different resistance levels so that you can choose how much resistance you want to add to your lungs. This will help you control the intensity of your workout and cardio.
HIGH-QUALITY MASK- Our altitude mask has been made with the highest-quality materials and is stitched to perfection. It will not rip off easily or lead to any tears, breakages, or holes. It is a durable product that will last you for a very long time.
COMFORTABLE BREATHING DEVICE- This bane mask comes equipped with sturdy and breathable elastic straps which are comfortable to have around your face during exercise. These straps also help you customize the mask to perfectly fit your face.

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