Starting May 1, Space Force Will Be Accepting Applications

Plan on being one of the very first military members who would be joining the ranks of the U.S. Space Force? Better start preparing because your 30-day window of opportunity starts come the first of May.

Space Force To Open Its Doors For Applications

Back in December of last year, the U.S. Congress first authorized the creation of the United States Space Force, which was revealed by U.S. President Donald Trump earlier in 2019. Made to redesignate Air Force Space Command as the Space Force, the new service branch has now been elevated to become an independent branch with a mission that will focus on organizing, training and equipping space forces in order to protect the U.S. and its allied interests.

And now it will be opening its doors for applications.

“I know 30 days isn’t a long time, which is why we’re trying to get out in front of it. I understand it’s a life-changing decision, a life-impacting decision for you and your family, so we want you to get it right,” Chief Master Sgt. Roger Towberman, the Space Force’s top enlisted officer, said during an announcement made back in April 16.

Per Towberman, applications are open not just for Air Force personnel who will be in charge of managing rocket launches and satellite controls, but also for anyone in the Defense Department. From there, anyone who signs up will be effectively locked in for two years starting September, although Towberman said that exceptions can be made for those who might not be able to fully commit to the period.

“You have to get approval of your service and the approval of the Space Force, but those options are open to you. We have multiple, many, many O-5 [lieutenant colonel] leadership opportunities in the Space Force. … What we can’t do is break the Army, or break the Navy, or break the Marines while we stand up the Space Force, but if you’re interested, we’d love to have you,” Space Force Chief of Space Operations Gen. Jay Raymond said.

Eligible civilians will be able to start the process come the first of May in order to come in during fiscal 2021.

Proposed logos for Trump's Space Force Proposed logos for Trump’s Space Force White House

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