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Stash Silicone Freezing Tray with Lid and Baking Tray – One Large Freezer Tray makes up to 4 cups serving – Freezer Soup Container – Oven Safe, Microwave Safe and BPA Free Silicone Container Tray  

Price: $16.99
(as of Sep 06, 2023 11:00:17 UTC – Details)

Stash Baking Tray and Freezing Silicone Tray with Lid is your affordable smart solution for your food creation. Our high-quality and well-made silicone tray is a versatile, practical and functional kitchen tool every household must-have. A great food storage container for your leftover or pre-made meal, soup or sauce. An oven safe silicone bakeware for your favorite dessert. A clever nonstick cake pan or mini loaf or bread pan bakeware alternative if you want a healthy portion of your delicious treat.
HIGH QUALITY AND WELL-MADE SILICONE TRAY – Our premium silicone baking tray and freezing tray is a great way to store leftover or pre-made meals in portions; The oven is safe for baking your favorite cake in pre-cut size serving; Another clever mini muffin pan and loaf bread pan silicone bakeware alternative; A great food storage container with lid to keep your food fresh;
CONVENIENT FOR PORTIONED HELPING – This large silicone freezer and bake tray is more than an ice cube tray with lid; It can fill it up to 4 cups; Each silicone trays has ½ cup 1 cup 125mL and 250mL measurement guidelines per segment blocks; An amazing kitchen tool solution for budget and diet-conscious individuals who like to keep their food preparation and servings on track;
PRACTICAL AND FUNCTIONAL KITCHEN TOOL – This durable baking tray and freezing tray is microwave oven safe and freezer safe and made of 100% food-grade BPA free material; In addition it is dishwasher safe for easy clean; The tray is covered with a clear silicone lid to keep food fresh and avoid odor in the freezer;
FOR BUSY AND ON-THE-GO PEOPLE – Our affordable multipurpose bake tray and freezer tray is an excellent time-saver and your only secret to sauce or soup broth for last-minute meal preparation and desert; A practical planned meal food storage solution for your food preparation;
SPACE SAVER and ORGANIZER – Our food freezer tray set has a stackable reliable and sturdy design which is an effective way to keep the fridge and freezer tidy and organized; Our versatile food container may also be used as tray molds or for other storage purposes;