Covid-19: India red list add 'may be too late', Prof Mark Walport says

There are “good reasons” for keeping the new variant out of the UK, scientist Prof Mark Walport says. Source link

Covid online symptom checker 'may delay treatment'

A study suggests the NHS online Covid service tells some seriously-ill people to stay at home. Source link

Covid Brazil variant 'may spread more easily'

Infectious diseases expert Prof Ester Sabino, from the University of São Paulo, Brazil, said: “You need many introductions [of a virus] to start an epidemic. Six is very few. I would say if you take care and do contact tracing, this is going to decrease.” Source link

Hospital waiting list 'may double to 10m by April'

Community diagnostic centres for cancer, cardiac and other conditions should be set up to restart screening programmes halted by the pandemic, coupled with a renewed focus on prioritising those most urgently in need of care currently on waiting lists, it said. And for routine treatments, it said more use should be made of the private… Continue reading Hospital waiting list 'may double to 10m by April'