Boris Johnson warns Covid risk remains as he unveils England's winter plan

Under that plan, the government expects proof of vaccination would be mandatory for nightclubs, crowded indoor venues with more than 500 attendees, crowded outdoor events with more than 4,000 people, such as festivals, as well as any settings with more than 10,000 people. Source link

Boris Johnson on need to address NHS wait times

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has spoken to the BBC about the need to address NHS wait times, saying backlogs “need to be cleared as fast as possible”. Speaking to the BBC’s Health Editor Hugh Pym, the PM said around 9m NHS treatments could be funded by proposed government investment, but did not give details of… Continue reading Boris Johnson on need to address NHS wait times

Covid: Boris Johnson concerned over unvaccinated hospital patients

Boris Johnson says a “higher proportion” of younger people are being affected by the virus. Source link

Social care tax rise: Boris Johnson wins Commons vote

Boris Johnson wins a House of Commons vote on his plan to increase National Insurance tax. Source link

Will Boris Johnson’s plan for the NHS work?

The prime minister believes new funds will tackle the Covid backlog – but refuses to set targets. Source link

Boris Johnson outlines new 1.25% health and social care tax to pay for reforms

Boris Johnson says it is a “responsible decision” but Labour calls the plan a “sticking plaster”. Source link

Matthews shows his love of devisive politics is more important to him than the health of the nation

What a pathetic little sh*t of a man, no wonder Murdoch owns him. He might as well have asked what next week’s lottery numbers would be. What a waste of a … source

Prime Minister Boris Johnson announces plan for living with Covid

The prime minister has set out his plan for “living with Covid”, which he hopes will give families and businesses time to prepare. Boris Johnson’s plan means businesses such as nightclubs will reopen, and the legal obligation on wearing a face covering is set to go. The PM stressed that a final decision on easing… Continue reading Prime Minister Boris Johnson announces plan for living with Covid

Boris Johnson to set out England's final Covid lockdown easing

Boris Johnson will use Monday’s press conference to confirm the next steps on social distancing and masks. Source link

Covid-19: Nothing conclusive on changing roadmap, Boris Johnson says

Boris Johnson says “we’ll know a lot more in a few days time”, amid concern over the Indian variant. Source link