COVID-19 Cases Drop Amid New Concerns About Variant Strains | TODAY

While COVID-19 cases continue to drop across the country, experts are still worried about the spread of variant strains of the virus. Meanwhile, the brutal … source

Coronavirus spread slowed by vaccines, study suggests

There was a 75% reduction in staff at Addenbrooke’s Hospital testing positive after a vaccination. Source link

Decreasing levels of coronavirus across the UK

Infection rates are continuing to decline across the UK, data shows. Source link

Coronavirus pandemic: What's the current situation in Africa? | DW News

The number of coronavirus cases in Africa has surpassed 2 million, including 48000 deaths. That’s less than four percent of the global total, but the World Health … source

Coronavirus News: Health Ministry Meet Today After Mutant Coronavirus Spreads Rapidly In UK

Mutant Coronavirus Strain in UK: The Health Ministry has called a meeting today of its joint monitoring group on COVID-19 to discuss a mutant coronavirus that … source

J&J Vaccine May Block Spread of Coronavirus, FDA Says

The Moderna and Pfizer vaccines were tested before the discovery of variants from the United Kingdom, South Africa, and Brazil, meaning those two vaccines likely benefited from higher efficacy rates and more straightforward results. But once the Johnson & Johnson shot receives emergency use authorization, which could come shortly after a scheduled scientific committee… Continue reading J&J Vaccine May Block Spread of Coronavirus, FDA Says

North Carolina governor says he's prioritizing public health over politics

Roy Cooper said that he is prioritizing public health over politics in the planning for the Republican National Convention, after President Trump raised the … source

New Coronavirus Variant Surging in California

Feb. 24, 2021 — A coronavirus variant first identified in California is more contagious than previous forms of the virus and is spreading across the state, two new studies show. One of them found that compared to other variants, this variant produces twice as many viral particles inside the body and may be better… Continue reading New Coronavirus Variant Surging in California

NBC News Investigation: Nurses Say Reusing N95 Masks Feels ‘Unsafe’ | TODAY

Thousands of nurses are sounding the alarm about having to reuse N95 respirators, a response to PPE and mask shortages. Some say they are told to reuse … source

MEDICAL NEWS #4 – AI Based Glucose Detection, Coronavirus in China, Machine keeps human livers alive

medicalnews #trendingmedicalnews #latestmedicalnews I have shared the latest medical news in this video. source