New Vaccinations Increasing in COVID Hot Spots

July 29, 2021 — States struggling with alarming COVID-19 outbreaks are now vaccinating people at very high rates, an analysis of CDC data shows. The increases in vaccinations are occurring in southern and central states that have low vaccination rates, namely Louisiana, Arkansas, and Missouri, according to an analysis of the data by… Continue reading New Vaccinations Increasing in COVID Hot Spots

Covid: Pulse oxygen monitors work less well on darker skin, experts say

“We need to ensure there is common knowledge on potential limitations in healthcare equipment and devices, particularly for populations at heightened risk of life-changing illness, this includes black, Asian and diverse communities using pulse oximeters to monitor their oxygen levels at home,” Dr Naqvi said. Source link

Hunt for certainty over Covid cases continues

Flurry of Covid data does not resolve debate around state of the pandemic in the UK. Source link

More detailed data released on Covid in hospitals

New NHS England data shows 23% of Covid patients were admitted for other reasons. Source link

Nightclubs start asking for NHS Covid pass in England

It comes as the Lib Dems demand MPs debate their use in England amid concerns over discrimination. Source link

Covid: Professor Jonathan Van-Tam answers your questions

The deputy chief medical officer answers a range of questions about Covid from young audience members. Source link

Covid vaccines have prevented 60,000 deaths in England – Jonathan Van-Tam

He says future lockdowns are less likely the more people, including 18-25-year olds, get vaccinated. Source link

Covid vaccines: Tourists head to the US to get vaccinated

The shortage of vaccines and slow vaccine rollouts in many parts of the world, has sparked a trend of vaccine tourism, with many tourists heading to the United States to get vaccinated. Nearly 50% of US residents are fully vaccinated but the rates are much lower in many countries. The BBC’s Cindy Sui has been… Continue reading Covid vaccines: Tourists head to the US to get vaccinated

Covid: Deaf woman wins claim over lack of sign language at briefings

A lack of sign language at two government briefings was discriminatory, a High Court judge finds. Source link

Covid: No quarantine for fully jabbed US and EU travellers to England

The travel industry had been pushing for the rule change so tourists can more easily come to England. Source link