Science News – Researchers examine the effect of human noise pollution on local wildlife

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Brine shrimp may team up to shape the ocean | Science News

Tens of thousands of brine shrimp swimming upward in a laboratory tank produce a large jet of water the size of the whole group, mixing shallow water with … source

Billions of birds are vanishing from North America | Science News

Scientists estimate there are 3 billion fewer birds in North America today than in 1970. Both common and rare birds are disappearing across nearly all habitats. source

Male pectoral sandpipers make multiple mating stops | Science News

To follow the movements of male pectoral sandpipers, scientists tagged the birds with satellite transmitters in the spring of 2012 (red) and 2014 (blue). source

Watch lobster krill fight back against hungry gentoo penguins | Science News

Gentoo penguins feed on lobster krill, which are comparatively tiny. But the krill’s sharp pincers make this battle a surprisingly even match. In this video, a … source

How bombardier beetles escape toad stomachs | Science News

Credits: Story Susan Milius Production Helen Thompson Video S. Sugiura and T. Sato/Biology Letters 2018 Music Funeral March of a Marionette” by Charles … source