GPs step up rollout of Covid-19 boosters

GPs have stepped up plans to roll out Covid-19 booster jabs. Dr Silvana McCaffrey told Adam Fleming she’s cancelled her Christmas holiday to organise the vaccination programme for patients in Herefordshire. You can hear the full interview on Newscast on BBC Sounds. Source link

Covid: GPs can defer some services in booster jab push

Dr Farah Jameel, the GP committee chair of the British Medical Association, said NHS England’s plans would remove “some of the more bureaucratic and target-based requirements within practices’ contracts” and free up time “to get more jabs into arms, while allowing practices to focus on patients who need their attention the most”. Source link

Domestic abuse: GPs trained to spot signs of violence

Dr Siaron West says specialist training made “at least half a dozen of my patients” spring to mind. Source link

GPs say shortage of doctors puts safe care at risk

The Royal College of GPs says a failure to recruit enough doctors has put services under pressure. Source link

How patient 'tsunami’ threatens to overwhelm GPs

Patients struggling to get appointments as GPs report surge in appointments being booked. Source link

Covid: Asthma patients refused vaccine by some GPs

Prof Martin Marshall, chair of the Royal College of GPs, said: “The focus for GPs and our teams is currently to offer vaccinations to patients from group six… this is a large group of approximately seven million patients, and it is likely some patients in this group will not yet have been invited for their… Continue reading Covid: Asthma patients refused vaccine by some GPs