Covid in Wales: Mask and isolation rules may be extended

Rising case rates worry ministers, but it is not clear which rules may be kept beyond next Monday. Source link

Social Isolation and Loneliness Linked to Heart Disease

Feb. 28, 2022 — Social isolation and loneliness are linked to a greater risk of heart disease, stroke, and death from heart disease among postmenopausal women, suggests a new U.S. study. Even after adjusting for other risky behaviors, such as smoking and being physically inactive, social isolation and loneliness were related to higher… Continue reading Social Isolation and Loneliness Linked to Heart Disease

Covid isolation laws set to end in England

Boris Johnson says the virus will not “suddenly disappear” but people can now protect themselves. Source link

Covid: NHS bosses call for free tests and isolation to remain

Senior NHS staff say they disagree with the prime minister’s planned changes to English Covid rules. Source link

Covid: Wales' mask and isolation laws could end in March

Self-isolation rules could become guidance rather than a legal requirement next month. Source link

Covid isolation period cut to five full days in England – Javid

Health Secretary Sajid Javid says people in England can end isolation after two negative tests on day six. Source link

PM on Covid testing: We'll look at science over shortening isolation

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said the government will “look at the science” over possibly cutting the minimum Covid isolation period from seven days to five. He said that we must continue to use testing as “one of our most important lines of defence” against Covid. Source link

Covid in Scotland: Government 'not contemplating' reducing isolation

It came after a UK government minister backed dropping England’s quarantine time from seven days to five. Source link

Covid isolation period still under review – Zahawi

Education Secretary and former vaccines minister Nadhim Zahawi has said any plans to cut the Covid self-isolation period to five days are still under review. People who test positive for Covid are required to self-isolate for seven days, but several sectors are experiencing staffing pressure. He told the BBC any reduction in isolation would have… Continue reading Covid isolation period still under review – Zahawi

CDC Shortens COVID Isolation, Quarantine Times

Dec. 28, 2021 — The CDC recommended shorter COVID-19 isolation and quarantine periods on Monday, cutting the time for people without symptoms and close contacts from 10 days to 5 days. CDC officials said the new guidance follows recent data that shows people infected with the coronavirus are most contagious in the 2 days before… Continue reading CDC Shortens COVID Isolation, Quarantine Times