Covid: Sajid Javid on rising cases of Omicron in UK

The health secretary says told MPs that vaccinations have been moving at a “blistering pace” with 17 million booster doses given. Sajid Javid said the UK was entering winter in a “strong position” with falling numbers of hospital admissions and deaths. But he said the Omicron variant “spreads very rapidly” and he expected figures to… Continue reading Covid: Sajid Javid on rising cases of Omicron in UK

Covid variant: Mask wearing will be a legal requirement, says Javid

People in England will be legally required to wear a mask in shops and public transport, the health secretary says. Source link

Covid: Health Secretary Sajid Javid to detail new measures

The PM has already announced a tightening-up on mask-wearing and PCR tests for all arrivals in the UK. Source link

Covid variant: We won't hesitate to take further action, says Javid

The health secretary says two UK cases of the Omicron variant shows the pandemic “is far from over”. Source link

Sajid Javid: 'Medical device racial bias not acceptable'

A review into whether medical devices are equally effective regardless of the patient’s ethnicity has been ordered by Health Secretary Sajid Javid. Research suggests oximeters, which are clipped to a person’s finger, can overstate the level of oxygen in the blood of people from ethnic minorities. Ministers want to know whether bias could have prevented… Continue reading Sajid Javid: 'Medical device racial bias not acceptable'

Covid: Javid orders review of medical device racial bias

The health secretary responds to research suggesting oximeters work less well for darker-skinned people. Source link

Vaccine firm Valneva seeks apology over Javid comments

French firm says it will not rule out “legal recourse” against the UK government for loss of earnings. Source link

Covid: Get booster jabs so we can enjoy Christmas – Javid

The health secretary urges people to join the “national mission” to avoid restrictions over winter. Source link

Javid on 'Covid is over' risk and new variants

The health secretary has said he worries about an “vaccine escape variant” of Covid. Sajid Javid warned people not to “let down their guard” and that “we have got to keep working at it”. In his first appearance before the Health and Social Care committee, he told MPs there were a “lot more defences today”… Continue reading Javid on 'Covid is over' risk and new variants

Sajid Javid says £5.9bn for NHS is 'new money'

Health Secretary Sajid Javid has said the extra £5.6bn, which will be allocated to the NHS in this week’s Budget, will be “new money” to help tackle waiting lists and make sure patients get seen more quickly. Mr Javid said Chancellor Rishi Sunak would set out where the money was coming from in Wednesday’s Budget… Continue reading Sajid Javid says £5.9bn for NHS is 'new money'