Johnson & Johnson Hair Products Cause Hair Loss, Lawsuit Claims

July 19, 2021 — A class-action lawsuit has been filed against Johnson & Johnson with the claim that the company’s OGX hair care products cause significant hair loss. The products are sold at major national retailers, including Target, Ulta, CVS, Walmart, and Walgreens. Johnson & Johnson shampoos, conditioners, and some hair oils are… Continue reading Johnson & Johnson Hair Products Cause Hair Loss, Lawsuit Claims

Matthews shows his love of devisive politics is more important to him than the health of the nation

What a pathetic little sh*t of a man, no wonder Murdoch owns him. He might as well have asked what next week’s lottery numbers would be. What a waste of a … source

Prime Minister Boris Johnson announces plan for living with Covid

The prime minister has set out his plan for “living with Covid”, which he hopes will give families and businesses time to prepare. Boris Johnson’s plan means businesses such as nightclubs will reopen, and the legal obligation on wearing a face covering is set to go. The PM stressed that a final decision on easing… Continue reading Prime Minister Boris Johnson announces plan for living with Covid

Covid: Johnson, Whitty and Vallance on when they'll still wear face masks

Face masks will no longer be legally required at the final stage of England’s Covid lockdown roadmap, Boris Johnson has confirmed. But in which situations will the prime minister and his advisers, Prof Chris Whitty and Sir Patrick Vallance, continue to use face coverings? Source link

Boris Johnson to set out England's final Covid lockdown easing

Boris Johnson will use Monday’s press conference to confirm the next steps on social distancing and masks. Source link

G7 leaders pledge 1bn doses of vaccines for poorer countries – Johnson

G7 leaders pledge one billion doses of Covid-19 vaccines for poorer countries, says PM Boris Johnson. Source link

Covid-19: Nothing conclusive on changing roadmap, Boris Johnson says

Boris Johnson says “we’ll know a lot more in a few days time”, amid concern over the Indian variant. Source link

Covid-19: Boris Johnson urges caution as lockdown eases for millions

As rules change in England, Wales and most of Scotland, Boris Johnson urges people to remain cautious. Source link

Covid: Boris Johnson 'anxious' about Indian variant

Asked about the possibility of surge vaccinations, a No 10 spokesman says nothing is being ruled out. Source link

US lifts pause on Johnson & Johnson vaccines

The officials said it was important for women be told about that potential risks of the jab. Source link