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happy news 2021-22 അക്കാദമിക് വർഷത്തിൽ സ്കൂളുകൾ പതിവ് പോലെ തുറക്കാൻ സാദ്ധ്യത തെളിയുന്നുvaccination Education department … source

The Real-Life Dino Science Behind Jurassic World | Mach | NBC News

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is the second installment in a reboot trilogy, in which scientists create a terrifying new dinosaur hybrid — by combining the DNA … source

Covid-19: Hospital data key to 21 June lockdown end, says Raab

After one of the scientists advising the government warned the UK is facing a “substantial” third wave of infections, Mr Raab said: “The crucial thing that we set out in the four tests that we set at the outset of the road map is the link between transmission of the virus, and then the variants,… Continue reading Covid-19: Hospital data key to 21 June lockdown end, says Raab

Covid: PM promises caution over 21 June lockdown end

Boris Johnson says it is vital any changes are “irreversible”, amid rising Delta variant cases. Source link

Covid-19: Government 'open' to delaying 21 June England lockdown end date

Matt Hancock says 21 June is a “not before” date for ending England’s remaining restrictions. Source link

Covid-19: Could a third wave change 21 June plans in England?

Rising coronavirus cases have called the planned 21 June relaxing of rules in England into question. Source link

Covid-19: Variant fears could delay England's 21 June easing review

However, it has repeatedly said it wants to be guided by “data and not dates”, and at the moment there simply isn’t enough data on how serious the Indian variant could be, and how quickly it is spreading within the UK for the government to confidently stand by previously stated deadlines. Source link

Covid: Indian variant could disrupt 21 June easing, PM says

Second jabs for the over-50s and clinically vulnerable will be given sooner to ease concerns, PM says. Source link