Covid: Labour calls for Plan B measures in England

But the chancellor says the data does not suggest “immediately” moving to government’s back-up plan. Source link

Matthews shows his love of devisive politics is more important to him than the health of the nation

What a pathetic little sh*t of a man, no wonder Murdoch owns him. He might as well have asked what next week’s lottery numbers would be. What a waste of a … source

Pride Month: Labour MP Dan Carden on alcohol addiction

An MP has given an emotional speech on his family’s support as he battled his alcohol addiction. In a Commons debate on Pride Month, Labour’s Dan Carden said addiction was “killing more people and ruining more lives than ever”, including those of MPs. The Liverpool Walton MP said: “I hope my openness today can help… Continue reading Pride Month: Labour MP Dan Carden on alcohol addiction

Face masks in labour: 'I feared I would vomit'

Women giving birth are exempt from face mask rules – but not all maternity staff know the rules. Source link

Daily Politics Election Debates: Health (29Apr15)

Health: UKIP’s Angus Dalgleish, Conservative Jeremy Hunt, Liberal Democrat Norman Lamb, Labour’s Andy Burnham. Green Party Jillian Creasy. Recorded … source

Hospitals approach “critical point” as millions wait for routine treatment – BBC News

The damage being done to many hospital services in England by the coronavirus pandemic is revealed in new NHS figures. More than 4 million patients are … source