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Disability and the cost of living: 'It's our son's life'

Disability and the cost of living: 'It's our son's life'

Six-year-old Cohen survives off the machines in his home and his mum’s energy bills could rise to more than £3,000 a year. Cohen has DiGeorge syndrome and 15q11.2 genetic deletions which means he can’t walk, talk or digest food properly. Lauren, Cohen’s mum said: “The cost of living crisis, for most people, it’s ‘Oh we […]

Mental health: 'Being in a mother and baby unit saved my life'

Mental health: 'Being in a mother and baby unit saved my life'

Uned Gobaith’s service manager Anita Rees explained that “prior to having the Unit here women experiencing severe mental illness during the perinatal period were forced to make really challenging choices”, such as travelling to England or being admitted to an adult mental health unit without their babies. Source link

Post-natal depression in men: 'The darkest time of my life'

According to the NHS, the likelihood of suffering from postnatal depression, increases if you already suffer with poor mental health, if you have suffered trauma in the past, if you don’t have a support network or if your partner is also suffering from depression. Source link

Women who gamble: Winning £127,000 'worst day of my life'

“In addition, the hopes of financial gains can prove a powerful motivator. While gambling doesn’t always lead to harm, it’s vital women are aware of early warning signs including losing track of time, incurring increasing debt, or a tendency to hide gambling from others or gambling to forget their problems.” Source link

'Walking to space was the best day of my life'

A nine-year-old with a rare genetic condition which causes his joints to dislocate has walked the distance between Earth’s atmosphere and the boundary of space. Tim, who has hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos syndrome and autism, walked 62 miles (100km) around his hometown of Tuxford, Nottinghamshire, over six weeks to raise money for charity Newlife. The charity provided […]

NHS Covid thanksgiving service: 'They did what they could to save my life'

Senior NHS figures, frontline staff and patients gathered on Monday at St Paul’s Cathedral for a thanksgiving service celebrating the work of the health service in tackling Covid-19. The Duke of Cambridge also attended the event, held on the 73rd anniversary of the founding of the NHS. Ahead of the service, a doctor who was […]