Harry Richford: East Kent NHS Trust pleads guilty over baby death

The East Kent NHS Trust admits failing a mother and her baby, who died seven days after birth. Source link

Puberty blockers: NHS to set up independent review group

The group will assess the prescription of puberty blockers for under-16s, NHS England says. Source link

NHS Covid-19 app update blocked for breaking Apple and Google's rules

Apple and Google’s rules state that no location data from app users can be shared. Source link

NHS Covid-19 contact tracing app to share QR code venue check-ins

The move should lead to more people being told to get tested for Covid-19. Source link

Covid biggest NHS challenge since World War Two, says NHS boss

“When the whole of the NHS comes together we can make a major difference,” Sir Simon says. “The vaccination campaign is succeeding – the health service has got to take some of the things which have worked so well in the vaccination programme and apply them to cancer screening, heart disease and other ways of… Continue reading Covid biggest NHS challenge since World War Two, says NHS boss

NHS blood infection scandal payments to increase

Relatives of those who died in England will get bigger lump sums, with survivors also getting more help. Source link

Covid: Banksy artwork raises £14.4m for NHS charities

It is believed to be a record price for a canvas by the elusive street artist. Source link

Covid: NHS warns of 'significant reduction' in vaccines

Local health organisations in England have been told to expect a reduced vaccine supply in April. Source link

Covid-19: NHS waits at record high as second wave hits care

“However, thanks to the hard work of NHS staff and the innovations in treatment and care developed over the course of the pandemic, hospitals treated more than one million people with other conditions in January, at the peak of the winter wave, nearly twice as many as they did last April. Source link

The Politics of Health Reform from a Medieval Perspective – Professor William Ayliffe

Is the NHS medieval? Is this an insulting claim to make? Insulting to modern hospitals or those of the Middle Ages? Professor William Ayliffe considers modern … source