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How Covid and climate misinformation and 'fake news' spread in 2021

Misinformation about the Covid pandemic and climate change is slowing an effective collective response to these emergencies. BBC Monitoring’s experts Shayan Sardarizadeh and Kayleen Devlin explain the misinformation trends they have seen in 2021 and the effects they have had on lives around the world. Video produced by Suniti Singh Source link

Covid: Care home visitors cut to three to slow Omicron spread

Nadra Ahmed, chair of the National Care Association, said she was waiting for clarity on whether the three named visitors can be changed. She also wanted to know if three people could visit at the same time and if they had to be from the same household. Source link

Stop the Spread of Misinformation: Sanitize Before You Share

If we’ve learned anything since the COVID-19 pandemic upended all our lives nearly 2 years ago, it’s how to sanitize our hands, homes, workplaces, and just about anything we encounter to stop the spread of the virus. Turns out, we also need to maintain that vigilance when encountering information about COVID-19 in our social media […]

Omicron: 'Wear face-coverings, reduce contact' to prevent spread

As more cases of Omicron are identified, Dr Susan Hopkins, chief medical adviser to the UK Health Security Agency, has urged people to take action now to reduce transmissions. Her advice includes wearing face coverings and working from home when suitable. Source link

COVID Spread Among Deer Causes Concern Over New Variants

Nov. 17, 2021 — Growing reports that white-tailed deer have been infected with the coronavuris along with continuing infections and illness in zoo animals and pets, is giving rise to concern that animals may become reservoirs for the development of new variants or even direct animal-to-human transmission. So far, it has mostly been humans who […]

Covid: Double vaccinated can still spread virus at home

Prof Ajit Lalvani, of Imperial College London, UK, who co-led the study, said: “The ongoing transmission we are seeing between vaccinated people makes it essential for unvaccinated people to get vaccinated to protect themselves from acquiring infection and severe Covid-19, especially as more people will be spending time inside in close proximity during the winter […]

Better Way to Fight Breast Cancer That Has Spread to Brain

By Amy Norton HealthDay Reporter MONDAY, Oct. 18, 2021 (HealthDay News) — Researchers may have found a noninvasive way to temporarily open the brain‘s borders to allow tumor-fighting medication inside. By necessity, the brain is shielded by a layer of specialized cells called the blood-brain barrier. Its job is to allow needed substances in — […]