Tealyra – Ripe Pu’erh Tea – 20 Years Aged Loose Leaf from Yunnan – China – 100% Natural – Caffeine Level High – Weight Loss Tea – Aged Black Tea Pu Er – 220g (8-ounce)

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Our ripe vintage Pu- Erh is a limited edition spring tea which originates from the Yunnan province in China. Farmed for centuries in the traditional manner, this aged Pu-erh tea is in great demand by tea enthusiasts and collectors alike. Aged for fifteen years after green drying and inoculated fermentation, vintage Pu- Erh tea is fragrant and flavorful with a depth and complexity that simply cannot be imitated by younger teas. Yunnan Pu- Erh tea leaves are large and fragrant, with a rich mineral content that is only enhanced by fermentation. Stored in the optimum conditions to mature perfectly, this vintage Pu- Erh tea is offered to you at the very pinnacle of its aging process and is ready to drink now. Producing a deep ruby red color when brewed, our ripe Pu- Erh tea has a smooth and slightly sweet taste with a rich and intense aroma.
All Natural. Our 20 Year Aged Pu’erh tea is an exceptional Chinese tea made in Yunnan Province that is unflavored and has no fillers.
Aged for twenty years, our limited vintage pu’erh has gone through extensive oxidation- which provides a smooth, thick tea liquor.
Enjoy the bold, rich earthy flavor of aged pu’erh, that has a slightly sweet taste and a reddish-brown liquor.
Studies have shown that pu’erh is the only tea that raises good cholesterol and lowers bad cholesterol.