Tips To Manage Your Children’s Time Effectively During Coronavirus Quarantine

Being a parent (or guardian) to children is a stressful chore. With the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, it has become more difficult to do, with schools across the country having closed their doors for an indefinite amount of time to slow the virus’ spread. This leaves young ones who lack experience in studying online and digitalized lessons with seemingly nothing much to do while under home quarantine for five days a week, affecting normal family routines and how you manage kids’ homework and school life.

In times of isolation, one valuable skill that you can teach to kids is effective time management. The better you help children manage their time early, the easier it is for them to achieve their goals at home. This reduces stress about how this school year can affect your children’s academic performance as well as their overall well-being in the long run. Here are some tips to help effectively manage the time while under quarantine:

Take Time To Discuss Plans

Take time during the weekend to have a chat with your children and discuss plans for the upcoming week. Use a calendar to plan daily and weekly tasks. Use time-tracking methods such as a timer or stopwatch to get an idea of how long it takes to finish an assignment or homework compared to how long your kids think it will take to finish that assignment. Place each task according to priority and time: 

  1. Place due dates on each assignment (both for drafts and final submissions).
  2. Set online meet-up times.
  3. Set virtual meeting hours with teachers.

Use A Planner 

Use a planner nightly to update your calendar with assignments and to-do lists for the next day. Write down a list of things that your kids need to do the following day. These tasks should be ordered in terms of importance — the important tasks should be done first. Each task must also be given a specific time of day to finish. Use a checklist to tick off each task once finished.

Create Space For Work/Study Time

Create a comfortable space with the right lighting for your child to work in. Have them sit on a comfortable chair and make sure that their phones are away while they are studying.

Use The Pomodoro Method 

The Pomodoro Method helps your children be productive and work efficiently on 25-minute work sessions. This method will also help them optimize time and focus on their online studies without the presence of a teacher. You can do this best by: 

  1. Setting a timer for 25 minutes of uninterrupted studying time.
  2. Allowing your children a 5-minute break to do something else.
  3. Letting them take a long, 15-minute break once they completed 4 work sessions.

Ensure Kids Get Sleep

Make sure that your kids get enough sleep every night. This is so that they do not treat time under quarantine like it is a holiday, sleeping and waking up late. Encourage them to sleep for 8 to 10 hours a night. And ensure that their sleep times are the same as when they are attending school in person.

Reward Your Kids 

Rewarding your child for every task done is important. This can be done in a form of a simple praise, or by celebrating their accomplishment on time management through a fun activity together, whether that is playing video games or watching a movie. What is important is that you let them know that you have seen their hard work.

timetable time management kids Teaching kids how to manage their time effectively come a long way in boosting their academic performance and ensuring their well-being while under home quarantine. DarkWorkX / Pixabay

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