Toilet Seat Covers Disposable, Waterproof Individually Wrapped Large Portable Potty Seat Covers for Kids Potty Training, Road Trip and Public Restrooms

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Price: $5.79
(as of Dec 01,2021 00:38:15 UTC – Details)

The toilet seat can be home to many unseen dirt. Fortunately, there is something you and your child could use to help make every trip to the comfort room a lot more comfortable.

Keeps you dry and comfortable
Grossed out by having to wipe down toilet seats before sitting on them? Our product with a waterproof base is durable enough to keep you dry even on the wettest toilet seats! No more wiping off the toilet seat or dealing with a wet bottom.

Just say “no” to yucky water stains
Disposable Toilet Seat Covers provide a sanitary two layer shield . Not only does it protect the bottom from unseen dirt , it shields little hands and clothes, too.

Stays in Place
The adhesive strips on the bottom of the toilet seat help keep the toilet seat cover in place, so your little one’s bottom doesn’t have to touch the seat, or anything that may be on the seat. Use them if you like.

Make potty training easier
Let us help you make potty training easier with our extra large design.The cheery design ties into and reinforces what you are teaching them– since all kids appreciate a gold star for their efforts on the potty training.

Great for travel
Each of the potty covers are individually wrapped for easy storage in a purse, glove box, diaper bag, or pocket. This makes it convenient for families or individuals who need to use the restroom at a rest stop, porta potty, restaurant, store, hotel, airport, etc .

Individually Wrapped Toilet Seat Covers
Extra Large (15.8in * 23.6in ) Design
Quantity: 1 packs * 10 pieces = 10 pieces in total
Water Proof Base
Soft, Wood Pulp Paper
Non-Slip Adhesive “Sticky” Strips
Portable and Travel Friendly

Note: Do not flush, please discard in a waste basket.

【WON’T SLIP】 We added adhesives to these disposable toilet seat covers for kids to keep them in place even when kids move around. It has four sticky pastes, can well fix the toilet seat, not easy to shift, not easy to slip.
【WATERPROOF TOILET SEAT COVERS】Upper of the disposable toilet seat cover is made of virgin pulp and blue side with waterproof base, safe to shield drops on questionable toilet seats or porta-potties. No need to wipe, squat or hold bladder in public restrooms.
【EXTENDED SIZE DESIGN】 Extra large design of this disposable toilet seat covers for maximum protection by covering the sides and the front of the toilet to prevent skin from touching the toilet. Keep your hands and feet away from touching toilet. Great for kids and adults.The size of 15.8 ” * 23.6 ” fits most elongated and standard size toilets.
【GREAT FOR ON THE GO】 Store the package in your stroller, diaper bag, car or purse when you are traveling. Perfect for travel – for adults, toddlers, and kids! You can also try using them at home for help with potty training.