Top Cupboard Essentials For Healthy Meals While In Quarantine

Eating the right kind of food during the lockdown may help you stay healthy and sane while being cooped up at home. It also saves you visits to the supermarket to buy essential things, thereby putting yourself unnecessarily at risk of acquiring COVID-19. 

At the end of the day, after you are done cleaning, cooking and working your regular job from home, it might be exhausting to cook an entire meal to safeguard your health. Instead of searching for recipes online, you can keep a few nutritious foods or snacks on stand-by during the lockdown. 

This is to help you concoct a soup, a salad or just pop a healthy snack without having to exert yourself. Here are a few options that you can stock in the snack drawer if you prefer not going out often to the grocery store and are required by your job to stay at home. 


Quinoa is a grain crop full of fiber and protein, even compared to white rice. Quinoa can be made to compliment curries and added to enhance sweets, hence it is extremely useful to consume. It is an ingredient full of magnesium, phosphorus, folate and carbohydrates. It can survive for an extended period of time without being opened in your pantry.  

Dried Fruit

If you find it difficult to procure fresh fruit, then keep your cupboard stocked with dried fruits. Nutritionist and trainer David Wiener explained that it is a myth that dried fruit is not healthy. He believes they do contain vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants. Dried foods can accompany porridge, cereal, or a sandwich. 


About 25 black and green olives provide around 100 to 170 calories. They are full of healthy fats and antioxidants. They can be added to any dish or eaten plain if that’s what you prefer. 

Health Veg Sticks

Make a healthy snack out of a vegetable by using a healthy ingredient as a dip. When it comes to vegetables, you can choose from carrots, beans and peppers. For dips, yoghurt, hummus and chilli powder could be a good idea to try, depending on what you like. 

Mixed Nuts

Peanuts, cashews and almonds are healthy snacks while self-isolating. They contain healthy fats, fiber, antioxidants and vitamins or minerals. 

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