UJLOE Portable Wand Cleaner Light High Power Wand 20W 110V 254nm Handheld and Wall-Mounted Use Modes IP67 for Home Bathroom Cloakroom Office

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Price: $19.99 - $10.99
(as of Oct 26,2021 18:28:05 UTC – Details)

UV-C Light Wand with strong effect, UV-C Irradiation effect of 99.99%
Used in personal daily necessities, spoons, cutlery, telephones, desks, toilets, public places, cars, etc., to keep personal hygiene and the environment clean


Product name:Double Tube UV-C Light Wand
IP67, can be put in the water
Wavelength: 254 (nm)
Voltage: AC110V-120V
Power: 20W
Installation interface: two-pin flat plug
Service life: 80,000 (H)
Material: ABS plastic+Quartz tube
Wire length: 2800mm
Packing size: 62.5X4.7X4.7cm
Weight: 725g

Package Including:

1*Double Tube UV-C Light
2*Wall buckle

The UV-C wavelength of this rod is 254nm. After it is lit, it will produce a trace amount of ozone. It cannot be smelled within 30cm and is harmless to human body.UV-C light is strong, so please wear gloves and goggles when using

1. Hand sweep: after the light is on, slowly sweep over the surface of the object(towel, socks, panties and other small items)that the luminous surface is close to,2-3 times back and forth
2. Long lighting method: hang the lamp on the wall nail or hook(such as bathroom, kitchen, etc).when the lamp is on, the peoples and animals leave the scene and light the whole space, lasting 30 minutes to 1hour

1. If it is fixed in one place for irradiation,15-30 minutes of irradiation is advisable within an effective distance of 3 meters
2. Sheets,towels,underwear lamps,etc.shall be cleaning on both sides

Do not direct UV-C radiation on living bodies, especially on the skin and eyes for a long time

【PRACTICAL DURABLE】 The UV-C Light Wand is silver foil reflective film design, double the Irradiation effect.The service life of the wick reaches 8000 hours. Quartz lamp tube, durable, strong light transmission.Waterproof IP67.
【SAFE HYGIENE】 Safe and easy to use, quiet operation. and there is a specially designed silver foil reflective film, double the effect of irradiation, can also prevent UV-C rays from irradiating users. UV-C Light can cleaning both sides of the article within 10 seconds, Irradiation rate of 99.99%.
【MULTIPLE USE METHODS】 Light and convenient hand-held, fixed-position wall-mounted and wire-mounted, you can switch the scene at any time to cleaning the required area.The difference between no ozone and ozone: ozone is a gas that has the function of sterilization and disinfection, even if it is an object blocking, the gas is also distributed throughout the room without being affected by obstacles.
【APPLICABLE SCENARIOS】 Ideal for cleaning the interior of phones, toys, keyboards, toothbrushes, toilet covers, clothes, pillows and other bedding.
【WARNING】Please don’t use this UV-C Light on human eyes and skin. Fragile products, please store in packaging after use. If it is broken, please contact us in time.Provide quality after-sales service, if you have any questions about the purchase, you can leave a message, we will serve you wholeheartedly..EPA Est. No.98810-CHN-1.