UV Light Sanitizer Wand, Portable UV Sterilizer Cleaner, Rechargeable UV Disinfectant Lamp with 2 Powerful UV Tubes and 5200mAh Batteries, Working for Home, Office and Travel- White

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Product Description

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Why do you need a sterilizer

Have you ever heard of biologists said your cell phone is even dirtier than your toilet?

Do you know that the uv light is one of effective cleaning way for your life.

UV light has been used for sterilization and disinfection as early as the 1950s. Throughout technology invention, UV lights cleaner can be used to disinfect: water, air, fruits, vegetables, surgical or cooking utensils, tablet computers, toys and a variety of surfaces.

Why will you choose us?

The uv disinfection wand is a powerful sanitizing wand,.

There are 2pcs of powerful UVC lamps to help cleaning.

The sanitizer wand can kill germs like E.coli rate up 99.9% in 1 mins.( Attention: the height between the sanitizer wand and area is 30mm)

what you get

1.uv sanitizer wand *1

2. type-c cable

3..user manual

4. UV test card

uv tubes

uv tubes






The UVC Tubes , produced by professional manufacturer, owned effective sanitization in 3-5s.

Wide Compatibility

The UV sanitizer wand suitable for small items like key, ring, makes-up, paper, baby items, daily necessities, Female makeup tools, hotel supplies, outdoor products,,….

Easy to Use and Portable

It can be super convenient to stored in backpack or suitcase for Compact design and light weight while you use. No matter where you go and when you go, you can make sure that you live in a clean environment.


About the test card

This is a reusable UV test card, which can help you distinguish between inferior and fake UVC products on the market.

Our UV light test card can be applied for testing Phone Sanitizer, UV Wand, UVC Box and other UVC/UVA/UVB devices

How to use

There is a uvc test card in the package in order to sure the truth of the uv light.

Put the UV test card under the light. If the UVC test area displays green temporary fluorescence, it means that the light emitted by your device is at 200-280nm germicidal UVC light waves. The UV light area color strip is gradually turning purple in 10s (darker color equals higher intensity).

The color density of the UV dosimeter is directly proportional to the UVA UVB and UVC wavelengths at the max value (Shorter wavelengths equal lighter colors).



Child lock

Child lock




Unique 9degree design to make more relaxed than other straight sanitizer wand while you use it

Child Lock

Once the child lock was be opened, the uv light will be shut off, so this is reason why can prevent children from misuse.

Angle Warning

This is a warning to you, because you may be exposed to ultraviolet rays.

Large sanitizing space —-Unlock the child safety lock, and press the button, and then you can scan the area that needs to be sanitized. you can clean electronics, baby items, daily necessities, female makeup tools, hotel supplies, outdoor products, pets supplies, and anything or anywhere else inside the home instantly with a brief swipe.
User-Friendly Design—-There is a child lock at the end which protects children from misplay. There is a white indicator on the top when the lamps working, it flashes orange light as a warning indicator when the wand is over-turned more than 90deg horizontally and vertically.
Premium UV Disinfectant Wand–UV-C light wand adopted the selected ABS material and type-c port to charge, which make the steri wand is more durable and rechargeable . And it has passed a lot of certifications like FCC, CE, RoHS…proven works for effective cleaning and safety in use.
Designed for your family—-The wand was designed with 9° angle ergonomics geometry, it feels much more comfortable than all other straight wands in the market. Also, lightweight and convenient design save space and can be used at any time, and it is easy to put in a bag. It is a perfect gift for your family and loved ones when traveling.