Valuable Tips For Energy Healing Amid Pandemic

There are many DIY home projects that you can do while you are quarantined as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. You can develop recipes, organize desk space and other things that you have not normally given thought to because of various factors in life.

And according to Deborah Hanekamp, also knows as Mama Medicine, there is one more home-friendly project that you can pull off: energy healing. Working as an energy healer herself, she said that we can cleanse our energy and make space for positivity and growth. “When we look within, you’ll notice that we have a lot of resources available to us in our own home and in our own hearts,” Hanekamp said in an episode of the mindbodygreen podcast. 

We ultimately have all the resources needed to be our own energy healer. Without further ado, here are three valuable tips to cultivate your energy healing and drive away negative energy, straight from Mama Medicine herself:

Set Up Healing Space

Start setting up space for yourself in your own home, be it a small bedroom corner or a full-on bath ritual. “Create a place where you can step aside, even if it’s a tiny corner with a meditation cushion, a journal, and a candle,” Hanekamp said. 

If you choose the bath route, turn on the water to any preferred temperature. Then sprinkle some baking soda, salt and rosemary over the water. “Rosemary brings in a divine, mothering, gentle energy,” she said. Then grab some stones or seashells and place them in the bath with you. You can then turn off the lights, light a candle or play some relaxing music and enjoy the silence with some meditation or breathwork.

Regardless of what your healing space is like, you should feel free to experiment with what ever feels comfortable to you. 
Comfort is great for energy healing after all, and according Hanekamp, “you’re more likely to use the medicine if the medicine is sweet.”

Connect With Nature 

Connecting with nature is important since you want all elements to be included in your energy healing practice. “When we’re more connected to nature,

more connected to the truth of who we are because we have all the elements within us,” Hanekamp explained. Of course, this depends on the human-nature connection.

Hanekamp agreed that in this time of social distancing where we have to be as far away from each other as possible, connecting with nature is all the more important because we might not be able to physically connect with nature as easily. All this takes at the very least is some creativity.

How can we connect to nature even if we have to stay inside most of the time? “Connect to nature with natural elements you already have in your home, maybe seashells, a candle, even a bowl of water. Just remind yourself that you’re in nature,” Hanekamp noted.

Once your connection with nature is established, you might be able to clear some of the anxiety you are feeling. Remember that it has existed for a long time, has endured many hardships and still perseveres. That thought alone can take your mind off a COVID-19-induced panic. 

“Nature always knows what to do to take care of herself, and you are nature,” Hanekamp said.

Embrace Mystery 

The final, most important step to remember as you clear negativity off yourself is to embrace mystery. This is hard to pull off since we easily become anxious or frustrated from a lack of control. Much more so in the case of COVID-19, where no one seems to have the answers.

Instead of feeling anxious, though, Hanekamp said embracing the unknown is essential for healing and spiritual growth. “Now is the moment to get really comfortable with the unknown […] When we embrace mystery, there’s so much creative potential in that place, of not having everything figured out all the time,” she said.

What she meant is that we will come out of this experience with amazing, positive energy if we learn to embrace the mystery of all of it. Instead of approaching the unknown with fear, Hanekamp explained, we should approach it with glee of what is to come, and that is empowering for us both individually and collectively.

wellness energy healing You have all the resources needed for your energy healing amid the coronavirus pandemic. nnoeki / Pixabay

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