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Walker: A Rockstar Romance (Chains and Dames Book 1)

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Walker Lawson had me before he even knew my name and he knew it. Reveled in it.

I left home to tour the world with a rock band.

I was out of my comfort zone and rolling through the lifestyle with a deep-seated need to find my own independence.

To prove to myself that I was capable of finding my own way.

To prove that I was more than a burden.

Keep my head down.

Focus on my health.

Those were my only two goals.

And then eyes the color of a brewing storm met mine.

Johnnie Walker Lawson.

Famous Drummer.

Sexy Rock Star.

Quiet, pensive, brooding—he was the opposite of everything I thought he would be.

Opposite of everything I thought he could be.

I hadn’t been prepared for him. For just how far he would go to catch my attention and keep it.

But now that he had it—had me—I was terrified of losing him along with everything else I’d gained. He was quickly becoming everything I could have ever wanted. Everything I had been searching for.

Secrets have a way of burrowing themselves inside you. But they never stay quiet.

They’ll come crawling their way out no matter what you do or what you have to lose.

Warning: For Readers 18 years and older. Contains explicit sexual situations and language.