WANGPP Anti-Decubitus Care Pad Bed Wedges,Wedge Pillow for Reading and Watching in Bed Not Easy to Deform 6.5

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Surface material: artificial leather
Internal material: high density and high hardness sponge, special processing of high density and low elasticity sponge
Color: green
Specification: 400mmx390mmx130mm
Weight: 1500 grams
Use steps: three-step turn over care is easier
1: Put the turning care device into the lower limbs of the bedridden, used as spacer legs
2: Hold the left and right handles of the turning care device with both hands, try to make the care device pad under the knee of the bedridden
3: Hold the handle of the turning care device in one hand, and gently lift the shoulder of the bedside person to turn over.

It can be used in a wheelchair to prevent joint deformation and hardening, excretion care, a toilet, excretion care, replacement of diaper, bed movement, and can also be used as a limb position to maintain, wash, organize clothes, sheets and wipes, When changing diapers, it makes the care work easy and convenient
Two handles at each end, which can be easily pulled to help the elderly turn over
Wedge Pillow Cover: They are removable and washable for easy care. The wedge pillow cover is made of the breathable high elastic fabric
User: The elderly, bedridden patients, handicap, lower limb fracture patients, due to surgery those who could not move but stay in bed for rest, pregnant women, use in seating for lumbar,back,legs ,belly support
Easily change position, reduce the risk of pressure sore; bed exercise assist, reduce the risk of muscle atrophy; reduce the difficulty of excretion care, reduce the burden on the family