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Weight loss Recipes | Healthy Recipes | Lemon Pepper Chicken | Chicken Recipe | Diet Food | Epi – 02

Weight loss Recipes | Healthy Recipes | Lemon Pepper Chicken | Chicken Recipe | Diet Food | Epi – 02

Lemon Pepper Chicken | Healthy Recipes | Diet Food | Chicken Starter | Chicken Recipe | Episode – 02

Chicken breast is considered to be extremely nutritious. Hence adding this to your diet/ making it your main meal can help you cut down excessive calories since it is low on calories and high in protein. Try this yummy, tangy Lemon Pepper Chicken with some sauteed vegetables by the side for your healthy meal and enjoy. Who’s gonna say healthy food is boring? Definitely not you, after having this one.

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Prep Time: 10 mins
Cook Time: 20 mins
Servings: 1

To Make Chicken Marinate

Breast Chicken Piece – 250 Gms
Salt – 1/2 Tsp
Pepper – 1 Tsp
Juice Of 1 Lemon
Garlic – 5 Cloves
Olive Oil – 2 Tsp
Coriander Leaves

To Make Sauteed Vegetables

Olive Oil – 2 Tsp
Garlic – 5 Cloves
Salt – 1/2 Tsp
Pepper – 1/2 Tsp
Italian Seasoning – 1 Tsp


1. Make a few cuts in the chicken pieces and add salt, pepper powder, lemon juice, finely chopped garlic, olive oil and finely chopped coriander leaves.
2. Mix it all to make sure the chicken pieces are coated well.
3. Keep the chicken aside for 15 mins to let it marinate.
4. Cut carrot, beans and zucchini into even sized large pieces.
5. Add olive oil to a pan and add the sliced garlic.
6. Now drop in the evenly cut vegetables and saute for about 2-3 mins.
7. Add the salt, pepper powder and Italian seasoning. Mix well and cover with a lid.
8. Cook for about 5 mins on low flame. Turn off the stove and keep them aside.
9. To the same pan, add the marinated chicken and cook on medium flame.
10. Cook the chicken for 5 mins on each side. Once it is cooked on one side, flip it to the other and cook.
11. Make sure the chicken is cooked well on all sides. Turn off the stove.
12. Healthy Lemon Pepper Chicken is ready to be served hot.
13. Serve the cooked chicken along with the sauteed vegetables and slices lemons/ any salad of your choice.

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