WHO Encourages People To Play Video Games During The COVID-19 Pandemic

If your mom ever berated on you for playing too much video games, then you can show her this recent update from the World Health Organization since they’re encouraging people to play more video games amid the coronavirus pandemic (except don’t always follow your mother).

To help further drive the recommendation of social distancing, current World Health Organization (WHO) U.S. Ambassador Ray Chambers also tweeted his support, asking people to pick up a game today and help save lives by doing all the socializing there and practicing social distancing physically.

“We’re at a crucial moment in defining outcomes of this pandemic. Games industry companies have a global audience – we encourage all to #PlayApartTogether. More physical distancing + other measures will help to flatten the curve + save lives,” Chambers tweeted, using the hashtag #PlayApartTogether as part of the organization’s growing movement to help unite people all over the world, especially those who are affected mentally by social distancing.

Per experts, this unexpected recommendation from WHO is both significant and important because the organization has classified video game addiction as an actual mental health disorder that affects a lot of adolescents and young adults in the past. In line with this, several video game companies have started joining the movement by adding new features, extra rewards and making certain content available for free in their famous titles.

Video Games Start Rising Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Unsurprisingly enough, gaming has also significantly risen since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, what with an increasing amount of people being forced to stay inside their homes. Per reports, gaming platforms such as Steam experienced the highest amount of online users so far, while other platforms from companies like Nintendo and Xbox even experienced some servers crashing due to the number of people using them all at the same time.

Per experts, gaming can also be a healthy hobby for people during this quarantine since it helps take away stress and worry, and provides some much-needed escape from the uncertainty today’s world is currently going through. That being said, moderation in video games should still be observed, especially for younger kids.

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First Edition: March 30, 2020

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