Why It’s The Perfect Time To Teach Kids Healthy Eating

According to Canada’s Food Guide, the coronavirus pandemic’s inflicted social distancing on everyone has one unlikely silver lining: It’s the perfect time to teach your child how to eat healthier.

Pandemic Silver Lining

As a preventive measure against the raging coronavirus pandemic, schools have been closed down and cancelled for the time being, meaning that children are all stuck at home with the parents. This also means that everyone is basically eating the same food. And while some parents may find this a lot more stressful (since it involves cooking more food all the time), Canada’s Food Guide also believes this can be a good opportunity for better health choices, such as teaching your child how to eat healthier.

And it’s not just eating healthier since the food guide also states that families able to share their meals together can function better as a unit, especially during this time when small disagreements can become big because everyone may be experiencing some sort of cabin fever.

This is because according to studies, children who share their meals with their families tend to eat more fruits and vegetables, with most of them avoiding unhealthy food choices as well. Additionally, they’re also less likely to be overweight and are more likely to avoid getting into vices such as smoking and drugs. Per research, this may be because kids who eat with their families are given more family time, which can lead to more guidance and advice from their parents. This also makes them more comfortable when it comes to opening about their problems, which is a good problem that they can carry into adulthood, much like their healthy eating habits and food choices.

Furthermore, the quarantine is also a good excuse to involve children more in the kitchen, where they can learn better where their food comes from and why it’s beneficial to them. It also helps them learn about food nutrition and safety, as well as cultivate habits like regularly washing their hands properly, which is a must amid the current coronavirus pandemic.

As such, being in quarantine with your family can also be a good way of building better family bonds and healthier habits.

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