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Call of the Wild
by Andrea Gawrylewski

Section 1: Innovative Thinking, Sustainable Living

1.1    Sponge Cities
         by Erica Gies

1.2    Fuel from an Artificial Leaf

         by Javier Garcia Martinez

1.3    High-Flying Microbes

         by David Schmale & Shane Ross

1.4    Water Made by the Sun

         by Donna J. Nelson & Jeffrey Carbeck

1.5    Earthquakes in the Sky

         by Erik Vance

1.6    The Universal Problem of Climate Change

         by Lee Billings & Adam Frank

Section 2: Biology Breaks out of the Box

2.1    Forests on the March

         by Hillary Rosner

2.2    Can We Save the Corals?

         by Rebecca Albright

2.3    Meat Grown from Stem Cells

         by G. Owen Schaefer

2.4    Could Genetic Engineering Save the Galapagos?

         by Stephen S. Hall

2.5    Can We Eat Invasive Species into Submission?

         by Michael Snyder

Section 3: Hacks to Improve Human Health

3.1    Transformers

         by Michael Waldholz

3.2    The War on Slime

         by Karin Sauer

3.3    Electroceuticals

         by Geoffrey Ling & Corinna E. Lathan

3.4    Bacterial Tape Recorder

         by Yasemin Saplakoglu

3.5    The Means of Reproduction

         by Karen Weintraub

3.6    Vanquishing Diabetes

         by Kristen M. Drescher & Steven Tracy

Section 4: Probing the Limits of the Mind

4.1    Lab-Built Brains

         by Juergen A. Knoblich

4.2    Out of the Silence

         by Dina Fine Maron

4.3    Sleep Learning Gets Real

         by Ken A. Paller & Delphine Oudiette

4.4    Rabies on the Brain

         by Andrew J. Murray

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