Zeta Socks Open Toe XXXL 26 Inch Wide Calf Plus Size Compression 20-30 mmHg for Fatigue, Pain, Leg Swelling, Soothing Comfy Gradient Support, Prevents Swelling, Pain, Edema, DVT (1 Pair)

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Product Description

Zeta Socks Toeless Plus Size Compression Zeta Socks Toeless Plus Size Compression

Zeta Socks Open Toe for extra-wide plus size calves are engineered and designed in the USA using the HIGHEST GRADE MEDICAL COMPRESSION MATERIALS.

Use during and after activities or as medical compression socks recommended by your doctor. Zeta Socks Open Toe are softer and thicker than standard compression socks/sleeves. This makes Zeta Socks Open Toe easier to get on and off. They will still provide the same compression but will not feel as “tight” on your legs. By adding graduated compression technology to a sport looking sock, these Zeta Socks Open Toe give you improved circulation while performing any sport or leisure activity. You will notice your legs feel much better at the end of any activity.


Medical grade graduated compression 20-30 mmHgMulti stretch design provides superior comfortEasy to take on and offBetter fit and durabilityFashionably smooth fabric ensures year-round wear

Zeta Socks Open Toe’s firm graduated compression helps prevent and alleviate;

Varicose veinsDeep vein thrombosisEdema Post-thrombotic syndrome (PTS)ThrombophlebitisOrthostatic hypertension (sudden fall in blood pressure whilst standing)

Calf Size

18-24 Inches

20-26 Inches

20-26 Inches

20-26 Inches

20-26 Inches

Calf Length

13-16 Inches

14-17 Inches

13-16 Inches

14-17 Inches

12-15 Inches

Ankle Size

Up to 16 Inches

Up to 17 Inches

Up to 17 Inches

Up to 17

Up to 17 Inches

Zeta Socks Open Toe Plus Size Compression Wide CalfZeta Socks Open Toe Plus Size Compression Wide Calf

Zeta Socks Toeless Open Toe Compression Socks Wide CalfZeta Socks Toeless Open Toe Compression Socks Wide Calf

How to put on Zeta Socks Open Toe

Turn the Zeta Socks Open Toe inside out.Make sure your skin is dry. Using body powder may be helpful.Put the small end on your foot first, over the bridge of your foot.Take the large end which is over your toes now, pinch the fabric between your thumb and fingers below the cuff and pull up past your heel to your knee.Adjust the Zeta Socks Open Toe and smooth out any wrinkles. If the socks are a little too long for your leg you may have to push the top cuff down your leg and work the sleeve to your knee taking care not to stretch out the length.

Zeta Socks Open Toe Wide Calf CompressionZeta Socks Open Toe Wide Calf Compression

How to wash Zeta Socks Open Toe

Zeta Socks Open Toe can be machine or hand washed with a mild/delicate detergent.The washing water temperature is important to keep within a certain range, typically between 87°f and 104°f.Always use a gentle cycle.Placing Zeta Socks Open Toe in a mesh bag will help to protect them.Drying Zeta Socks Open Toe can be done in the dryer or left to air dry.If using a dryer it is extremely important not to use any heat.Turn the socks inside out and tumble dry on cool.

Zeta Socks Toeless Compression Wide Calf Calves Open ToeZeta Socks Toeless Compression Wide Calf Calves Open Toe

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Zeta Wear is a small family-owned business with a passion for delivering quality products to our customers.

Package Dimensions‏:‎7.68 x 5.75 x 1.42 inches; 2.47 Ounces
Date First Available‏:‎June 26, 2020

✔️ AMAZING HELP for varicose veins, lymph-edema, diabetes, restless legs, particularly when travelling. Helps to keep your blood flowing in your ankles and feet. Great for flying, fantastic support for nurses and others who work on their feet all day long.
✔️ EXTRA WIDE SIZE for Ankles up to 17 inches, Calves 20 to 26 inch circumference. Leg length 14-17 inches.
✔️ PLUS SIZE Travel Flight socks / sleeves for calves. Graduated Compression 20-30 mmHg, Anti-odor and anti-static fabric that wicks away moisture. Deodorizes and keeps you dry even with longer use. 1 PAIR, Black, Cotton 73% / Spandex 19% / Nylon 8% by ZETA WEAR
✔️ GREAT INVESTMENT FOR YOUR LEGS WHEN HOUSE BOUND (GREAT GIFT IDEA TOO!) – Whilst we are all spending less time being active it’s now more important than ever to look after our blood circulation. Why settle for anything less than quick relief at great value? And while you are at it, grab a few pairs for your family, friends, or loved ones as a gift that is functional and beneficial to their well-being and is also backed by a 100% Money back guarantee!