ZHENGXOO Mini-Air Purifier for Home Bedroom Office Desktop Pet Room, Safety Mini Air Cleaner,3-in-1 True HEPA Mini Purifier for Children & Elder

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Product StructureProduct Structure

Mini Style Comfortable Life


Multi Material Composite HEPA Filter

Multi Material Composite HEPA Filter

Primary filter

Carbon filter

HEPA filter


Zhengxoo 3-in-1 True HEPA air purifier, cost-effective product designed for user safety without worries.


Will there be a safety accident if the children touch or move it?Will this product have any safety hazards such as electric shock or fire etc?Does the air purifier operating volume affect our night sleep?

The original intention of our design is to reduce the concerns of customers on ordinary air purifiers. In this regard, we spend a lot of time researching to give customers a better experience

This product only needs 5V, 0.5W for immediate use. Even if there is damage and leakage, it will not cause harm to human body. Of course, we do not want our customers to test this effect

According to the authoritative investigation, if the volume is less than 30dB and more than one meter away, there will be no impact on sleep. Therefore, we control the sleep mode below 30dB.


Mode choice.

Sleep Mode: The quietest mode,reduce some speed and power consumption, in order to maintain a comfortable sleeping environment. Auto Mode: The normal mode,we recommend the customer’s use mode in daily situations, which is efficient and does not consume electricity. High Speed Mode: Maximum power operation! It can reach the maximum wind speed to filter the air for you, and the sound will be slightly improved. Please consider the sensitive one before choosing

·True HEPA filter:3-in-1 true HEPA filter remove the solid particles such as PM2.5, sterilization, pollen, haze, dust, pet dander, particles as fine as 0.3 microns,it can eliminate odor, smoke and methanol. Clearance rate reached 99%. You can enjoy the health and fresh air as you wish.
·3-in-1 Mini-air purifier: There are sleep mode, auto mode and high speed mode. You can choose the mode according to the situation. Make sure you feel the most comfortable. Easy to operate: Press again to change the operation mode: Sleep Mode->Auto Mode-> High Speed Mode->off.
·Silence portable air cleaner: A volume as low as 30 dB makes it hard to hear, ensuring it doesn’t disturb your quiet and comfortable time.
·Portable and power saving: Size: φ9*H17cm, net weight: 270g, covering an area of about 6 square meters, the air purifier can connect with a mobile phone power by a USB cable, and the air purifier can work for 10 hours with a 10,000mAh mobile phone power. Power saving and convenience. You can carry it with you anytime, anywhere, such as Bedroom, Car, and Office.
·Safety and all age product: Are you considering the potential safety hazards of the product? Or worry about the old people accidentally getting electric shock and children’s accident? Please rest assured that our products are for all ages. For the safety of our customers, we control the current within the safe range.

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